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Goodman Music: Custom Music to Fit Your Entertainment Needs.  The Southeast's finest variety band!
  The Jerry Goodman Group:
  Piedmont's most versatile band.
  The Gootmon Sauerkraut Band:
  Turned bells, Alp horn, Yodelin, Dancers, etc. Authentic Bavarian music and costumes.
  Mucho Mariachi:
  Colorful costumes and authentic Mexican music for a delightful south of the border flavor.
  The Lil' Dixie Jazz Band:
  Jazz and Dixieland at their finest.
  Caribbean Breeze Band:
  From the island songs to Caribbean Reggae music.

Swing, Jazz, Beach, Classical, Strollers, DJs.

Corporate Events, Weddings, and/or Receptions, Festivals, and Theme Parties.


Custom Music to Fit Your Entertainment Needs
  The Jerry Goodman Group
  The Gootmon Sauerkraut Band
  Mucho Mariachi
  The Lil' Dixie Jazz Band
  Caribbean Breeze Band
    The Islanders
  Others Upon Request
About Jerry Goodman:
(704) 782-0913
  Concord, NC 28025